Light Up Whakatāne

At New Zealand's Light Up Whakatāne festival, I had the opportunity to design graphic animations for the main projector.

These designs were born from my deep dive into "polar coordinates" in Houdini, which allows for the warping of geometry in a way that creates distinctive, circular deformations.

Working with Ben Foot was a joy; his complete creative trust enabled me to experiment with color and movement in tune with the project's rhythm.

Behind The Scenes

The fascinating "polar deformation" effect comes from a mathematical idea used to pinpoint positions on a sphere, much like how GPS locates us on Earth.

By applying this concept to geometry in Houdini, it resulted in shapes morphing into circular patterns. This abstract method led to stunning visual effects that were both novel and captivating.


The Polar Coordiantes deformation was so inspiring for me, i decided to concise it to a Houdini tutorial and share it with the community

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