Peres Academy

For the Peres Academy project, Broadcast Media TLV invited me to create a visual effect that mimics the style of Marvel's Doctor Strange portal.

Using SideFX Houdini, I built several particle simulations and rendered them using Redshift, which was a key part of the project's visual effects.

It was a rewarding experience working with the talented team at Broadcast Media TLV, including Roy Kafri as the creative director and Ivan Denisenko, the skilled compositor.

Behind The Scenes

We utilized a ring of light in a practical setup to enhance the main character with a luminescent effect from the portal emission, ensuring a seamless integration with the portal’s illumination.

Afterwards we created a clean plate and composited the main character inside the portal.

As part of research and design i created multiple particle simulations to have a better creative control over the final result

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