ntLib is an open-source library of Houdini HDA's designed for simulating dynamics and procedural generation

It's available for free on GitHub, where you can download, study, and even reverse engineer the HDA's to your heart's content. You're warmly invited to become part of our community on Discord and Github.

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Infection Solver

This node offers a unique "infection simulation" that spreads organically across the geometry, enabling the saving of infection data as a texture for further transformation by shaders or deformers.

Extrude Subdivision

This node takes an input polygon surface, subdividing each face to form an "Extruded" shape, enhancing areas of local detail without compromising on complexity.

2D Smoke Solver

A SOP solver that efficiently simulates smoke on a 2D plane. This method allows for efficient high-resolution simulations and the rendered output can be utilized as a dynamic texture for shading.

3D Chlandi Noise

This node generates a 3D Chlandi noise pattern that can be created as an attribute in the SOP context. Inspired by the article 'Chladni Figures Revisited: A Peek Into The Third Dimension'.

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